The company's ethos strongly relies on an integrated work circle. With hatchery,farms,processing plants and capabilities

The company's hatchery with a capacity to supply 200 million seeds ensures good bio security and are efficient and cost effective.
The quality produce of Vannamei seed at our hatchery for captive consumption in aqua culture is meeting the necessary seed assistance to the aqua farmers associated with the company and independent.

With a strong network of committed farmers on hand coupled with:

  • 120 hectares of own farms.
  • Access to 1500 hectares of buy back farms.
  • 16 purchase centers spread across coastal Andhra Pradesh.
  • The company supplies the associated farmers with seed, feed and financial support who in turn supply fresh raw materials.

3 Processing Plants with:

  • Devi Fisheries Limited, Visakhapatnam, E.U. Approval No – 853.
  • Satya Seafoods Pvt Ltd, Kakinada, E.U. Approval No – 990.
  • Usha Seafoods, Kakinada, E.U. Approval No – 857.

Shipping out 2-3 containers per day.